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a suburban school is on locked down after police say a student brought a loaded gun to school. good afternoon i'm steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching a ceramic country on wgn america and on the web ... the chicago daily herald is reporting a juvenile brought a loaded gun to school in far northwest suburban island lake. it happened this morning at matthews middle school. at this hour: the herald's reporting that the gun has been confiscated. and school officials tell wgn the school
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remains on locked down. there are no reports of injuries. police are not yet commented on the situation. we are hearing the school and the police will hold a joint press conference at 1:30 p.m.. we will bring you the latest on the wgn news at 5:00 and in another story that we have been following ... police divers have pull the body from the water near belmont harbor the body has not been identified yet. it is in the same area where divers have been searching for 28 year-old philip patnaude. he was last seen her early saturday when he told a friend he was going to the lakefront family and friends said they found his jacket south of belmont avenue in the harbor sunday afternoon a day after he disappeared the body found this morning was discovered 30 ft. from the gate of the harbor
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>>police in northwest indiana are asking the public to help them identify killer who gunned down a convenience store clerk after the clerk gave up the cash the masked gunman went back to gun her down judy wang is live and merrillville with those details >>it was at the lucky mark food store in merrillville indiana ... judy simpson beaver was the clerk on duty she was shot in the chest after giving up the cash drawer ... and it was shot again and head ... the stores at 57 avenue and cleveland st. investigators believe that three people were involved in the getaway car may be a older model brown oldsmobile with a hood with chipped paint
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>>we believe the suspect ran some distance and we have several witnesses at this point we are still following up on the leads the information that we've been provided with thus far has been that there were possibly two other individuals involved and there were either near or in the area of this getaway car there also may be a temporary license plate in the back window of that vehicle we're asking and the car dealerships to give us a call if they have sold anything matching that description here is a closer look at the jacket worn by that suspect it is the dark ... black and a deep purple on the back of that hooded sweatshirt the words royal and empire are written an
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old english lettering the store clerk killed had a son who lived nearby and a son serving in afghanistan you are asked to call a special hot line if you have information the national weather service confirms that and e.f. 4 tornado struck parts of southern indiana on friday leading the towns of henryville and mary still nearly destroyed and a toddler found lying in a field after that twister has died 14 month old angel babcock was found friday in seven indiana she was carried about a hundred yards from her home by a tornado that killed her parents and her two siblings yesterday issues taken off life-support the death toll now stands at 39 from the tornadoes that devastated much
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of the midwest and the deep south we went into the cellar we were fortunate we live on broadway we were ahead as hard as soon as we came out with saw the devastation my goodness it was tremendous >>dozens of tornadoes also touched down across kentucky, ohio alabama and georgia. fema has dedicated emergency supplies to these areas while residents remain hopeful they can rebuild the governors of indiana kentucky and ohio have declared states of emergency as rescue efforts continue in those states >>chicago police are getting extensive training for the upcoming nato and g-8 summits in may police say that specialized officers who will be on the frontlines of the protest demonstrations will get a full five days of intensive training
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that is five times the specialized instruction given to the officers who last guarded these streets during the last international forum that was held year 2002 pish between two and 10,000 protesters are expected permits have been issued for two demonstrators in the loop this coming sunday will mark the end of the line for couple of chicago police stations ... the prairie and belmont district stations are the latest casualties in the mayor's effort to cut the city budget. the closures will cut the number of districts stations to 22 in save the city 10-$12,000,000.300 detectives will be transferred to other stations around chicago and 100 officers currently on desk do you will return to patrol duties the republican presidential hopefuls are heading the campaign trail ahead of
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tomorrow's super tuesday primaries and caucuses. attorney general eric holder will tell a northwestern university law school audience today why the obama administration feels justified. civil liberties activists entered the debate five months ago when a u.s. drone strike killed american board cleric on waanwar all lucky who plotted terrorist attacks from yemen the defense department has already said that americans to become terrorists and take up arms against the united states are legitimate targets. >>it weekend car accident damaged and oil pipeline and
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could send chicagos gasoline prices even higher aaa said our gas prices are averaging $4.30 a gallon of more than 40¢ from one month ago to motorists were killed in the crash at the end bridge pipeline in new lenox it's been shut down since saturday's accident the company says it expects to resume the flow of oil by the end of this week >>randi belisomo joins us with a story about how scofflaw money will go for the good ... the debt the city is now collecting comes from income tax returns the mayor made the announcement on south drexel at harris park there will be close
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to $8 million in this fund thanks to an ordinance and legislation that's recent allowing the city to deduct the scofflaw moneys owed from a state and city income tax returns ... the money will be divided for summer employment programs after school matters apprentice programs and park district summer camp programs ... demand has been high for these camp programs >>it is essential for the children's development essential for keeping them safe it's just a win-win for the city >>we have to give these kids
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positive alternatives and activities programs and work opportunities >>summer camp is fun there are activities and field trips he made friends and lots of people and you work on your socialization skills ... >>the remaining $2 million will go toward creating 50 additional slots in this year's chicago police academy coming up plumbing problems at the university of illinois chicago ... and details on that settlement with bp on the bp verizon oil spill on the gulf of mexico we will be right back i've worked hard to build my family. and also to build my career. so i'm not about to always let my frequent bladder urges,
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dominate today's meeting between president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. if the president welcomed netanyahu to the white house this morning. the meeting comes amid growing concern that israel might consider a pre- emptive strike on the iranian nuclear facilities president obama made it clear that he prefers diplomacy ... during a speech yesterday to the american israel public affairs committee a pro-israel lobby group net to the hull will address the committee later today mass protests are expected in moscow today now that vladimir putin has declared victory in that presidential election opponents claim voter fraud and believe people were allowed to vote more than once a vladimir putin doesn't denies any
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wrongdoing he teared-up outside the kremlin and promised supporters that it had been an open and honest contest 59 year-old vladimir putin is a former kgb spy who served two terms as president until 2008 he has been prime minister for the last four years british petroleum has reached a settlement with victim's nearly two years after the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the oil company expects to pay $7.8 billion in claims for illnesses caused by the oil spill along with property damage and lost wages and business the deepwater horizon oil rigged exploded in april 2010 and spewed crude oil into the waters for months offshore drilling has resumed in the gulf and will soon surpass levels from before that disaster jury selection begins today in a lawsuit stemming from the deadly shooting spree at virginia tech
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university in 200732 students and faculty members were killed before the gunman took his own life attorneys for the parents of two students killed are expected to ask university officials to defend their actions to notify the campus of those shootings a state panel has already ruled that the school sent out a campus wide e- mail to late the lawsuit originally sought $10 million in damages but now families are only eligible for $100,000 ... friends and family sick by today to one of three students killed in a school shooting in ohio last week the 16 year-old has his funeral today at his funeral is tomorrow he was killed after another student opened fire in side of a high-school cafeteria in suburban cleveland the first victim of the shooting was buried over the weekend the third victim will be laid to rest later this week he accused shooter t.j. lane is due back in
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court tomorrow his friends said he had a troubled past poland begins today national mourning. after a deadly train collision an american woman is among the 16 people were killed when two passenger trains collided head-on in southern poland on saturday night fifteens57 people were injured but the death toll could still rise as rescuers continued to search for passengers today to rail traffic controllers have been detained for questioning as authorities try to determine how to transcend it up on the same track an estimated 350 people were on board those to trains and to people lucky to be alive after their helicopter engine failed in the crash landed in arizona the military helicopter was being i habe a cohd.
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university of chicago. students there said that they paid thousands of dollars every year to live in a building in need of serious plumbing repairs. frank holland has the story >>students say that human waste is exploding from the toilet is unsanitary it is unsafe
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>>this tower is one of the oldest and most storied buildings at the prestigious university of chicago but students say that you never know when the excrement will be shooting out of the toilet >>these are pictures of the broken toilets and the tumbler pictures of these bathrooms in terrible condition ... there's even a facebook page devoted to protest for those repairs to take place >>one woman said she was covered in this stuff last october she got really upset last week in a 24-hour period the plumbing exploded twice with such force that there where rivers of this
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stuff on the floor >>a maintenance worker is on site to monitor water pressure after officials from the university met with students ... >>a statement has been issued by the university on behalf of its effort toward the student concern ... >>the $10,000 a year bill for room and board here do not add up ... >>it really would be great if we get a discount on our residential phasefees.. there's a meeting scheduled for
12:27 pm
wednesday the university has promised to paint areas buy new furniture and fix the elevators in addition to solving the water pressure and toilet problems >>and the university of illinois board of trustees is holding an emergency meeting in chicago today president michael hogan 130 of the school's professors wrote to the boards in the their no-confidence in michael hogan and they've accused him of blame the new urbana-champaign chancellor board chairman christopher kennedy has said that the trustees support michael hogan the university by [ male announcer ] this is lois. the day starts with arthritis pain... a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups it's back to more pain back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills.
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we had another saskatchewan screamer ... it had been predicted since wednesday of last week ... so this weekend was a cold one but there is a warm-up on the way this week we have 60 degree temperatures coming tomorrow and wednesday ... it will be the first official 60 degree temperature thus far this season ... we are pretty much right on target ... there is snow just west of washington d.c. ... it produced
12:31 pm
like a fact snow and 6 in. and self in southern indiana ... o'hare airport even sought the testing this weekendsought a dusting of snow this weekend there is quiet weather in the plains states ... we have some wind advisories ... red flag warnings with a threat of
12:32 pm
wildfires out west ... it is illinois severe weather prepared this weekedness week there were 73 twisters in the state of illinois last week we are fifth in the country for tornadoes ... this may be one of the 10 or 20 percent busiest tournedos seasons in the united states ...
12:33 pm
is 62 degrees in rapid city already the warm-up will be here fast and with lots of wind their water temperature and light michigan is currently in the '30's it is beginning to warm in the metropolitan area but we will see 40 mi. per hour wind gusts and showers may be thundershowers by thursday ...
12:34 pm
the storm coming off the pacific will travel to the north of us along the canadian border packing a lot of cool air and wind we expect colder temperatures later this week we're looking at the models over the next 48 hours ... very windy ... right through wednesday ...
12:35 pm
there's lots of momentum resulting in high wind conditions here in chicago partly cloudy this afternoon high temperature 39 degrees when it 10 to 15 mi. per hour 33 degrees overnight tomorrow much warmer sunshine 62 degrees very windy ... it gets better wednesday 63 degrees the clouds will enter and we will see some late afternoon or evening showers ... another day of high wind activity
12:36 pm
i think we are quite ready ... we have just concluded the third warmest weather in chicago history it's time for today's trivia question ... which element is present in all proteins distinguishing them from the non-proteins?
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looking forward to that rematch in philadelphia bubbles were down two points in the final seconds of the third quarter derrick rose pulled up for a long jumper to tie the game at the buzzer assure the bulls led by two points at the end of the fourth quarter derrick rose drove and sunk of floater to extend the lead and he tied his season high with 35 points shot the bulls won their sixth straight game 96-91 there will be home against the indiana pacers at 7:00 tonight and you can see it right here on wgn the blackhawks were visiting the division leading detroit red wings no score in the first hawks on the power play and patrick sharp wind it up for a long gold they have scored three power-play goals in four games it was tied at one goal each late in the second. detroit turned it over behind the net and patrick sharp center to patrick kane for his third goal
12:40 pm
in four games the hawks held on to win 2-1 ray emery had 23 saves in the third straight victory they finish the road trip in st. louis tomorrow illinois state in the missouri valley conference finals ... they'll lost 83-79 against cragin the fighting illini lost its regular-season finale to wisconsin 70-56 time now for your live chica illinois lottery drawing ...
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issues revealed that some bodies have been there for over one year ... the sun-times reports that by the time stories surfaced in january about the corpses that were piling up in the cooler there 30 of the more than 350 bodies had been there at least one year some remains of an unidentified and some have no families other families have given the go-ahead for a simple paupers' funeral the county policy is to bury these courses within 60 days
12:45 pm
state officials have finished their investigation into the death of an 80 year-old patient at an oak park nursing home they expect to issue their report this week oak park police said anibal calderon died friday february 14th after an apparent altercation with another patient in an alzheimer's ward off the incident happened at the oak park health care center on harlem avenue the man's death was ruled a homicide but no charges have been filed against the 66 year-old patients suspected in that fight there's a call from some students in public officials to end what they call harsh disciplinary tactics that some neighborhood and charter schools that are run by the noble not work the group got to get this morning inside of the cook county juvenile center the message to mayor rahm emanuel was to put us on a path to college and not prison they're releasing research on the tens of thousands of disciplinary actions or issued last year they say that the majority of them
12:46 pm
were for offenses that did not pose a serious threat to safety and they missed too much school because of these punishments students plan on collecting petitions to present their concerns to the mayor but the school officials said that the actions and the fines against students improve discipline and education >>in the medical watch ... a cheap flu medicine may help to speed up recovery from severe brain injuries caused by falls and car crashes a study in the new england journal of medicine reports that severely disabled patients who receive the drug amantadine got better more quickly than those who were given a placebo and researchers it for fear of the patients who got amantadine remained in a vegetative state after four weeks amantadine was approved to treat flew back in the 1960's is now also approved
12:47 pm
for parkinson's patients children who have breathing problems while they sleep are more likely to develop behavioral problems researchers followed a 11,000 british children open mouth breathing and sleep apnea those with breathing problems during sleeper least 40 percent more likely to develop behavioral problems like hyperactivity and aggression by the age of seven years old the study appears in the journal pediatrics at least one time all week pilots say that they fly half asleep ... these are disturbing results from a survey of the sleep habits of workers in transportation jobs pilots train engineers and truck drivers the national sleep foundation finds that 26% of engineers and 23% of pilates it sleepiness affects
12:48 pm
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the men and women of america's navy do some amazing things to make the world a better place. but, then again, so can millions of everyday americans right in their own backyards. brought to you by america's navy. joins us today. we're going to make scallops and we have lots of other things to talk about >>i love scallops this is on our late winter menu ... >>i they flavorful.. we like the texture but you have to add things ...
12:51 pm
>>you need fresh dried it scallops so that the brine is not an issue when you have to steer them in your pan >>you are being very generous with your seasoning of salt and pepper ... >>we tend to have a heavy hand compared to the home cook ... >>we have these beautiful daydiver scallops.. we marinate = = = = =
12:52 pm
= =also have some vegetables.. a curried cauliflower puree will be served with it ... thes scallops cannot be overcooked... we are serving pan seared baby zucchini with these seared scallosps.
12:53 pm
>>your restaurant is known for its signature cocktails but the pairing with the food is unique. >>we work with a lot of seasonal ingredients ... so we work closely with our beverage folks >>that's what people like the collaboration and the beautiful warm atmosphere of the restaurant >>is a hidden gem on north rush streets.. >>we feel like we are a unique spot in the neighborhood..
12:54 pm
thes scallops are nearly done and we will plate these with the curried cauliflower puree you know the scallpops are done when they emit some juices and are slightly springing back to the touch.
12:55 pm
>>i also love a salty bacon flavor with this ... the new late winter menu at the drawing room will be available tomorrow the restaurant is located at 937 north rush streets
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dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, your feet will feel so good... ... you'll want to get up and go. distinctive element found in all proteins.
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we have a stunning warmup in the weather forecast on the way look at this ... 1 wendy mitt weather ma this is one windy weather map ... the snow is melting in the northern suburbs the wind is beginning to pick up but tonight and tomorrow you will see it gusting maybe 40 mi. per hour or more ... currently
12:59 pm
33 degrees at o'hare airport ... we have a forecast of more wind in and our future the numbers indicate the gusts through tomorrow and into wednesday. over 40 mi. per hour but that will warm us in the process. here is the warm air mass pursuingpushing the arctic air away we will be into the '60s tomorrow and wednesday and cooling down later in the week >>thank you tom skilling and thank-you

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